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Greeting Cards Designing Software

Make personalized greeting cards for your loved ones

Greeting Card Designing Software makes greeting cards for Christmas, Anniversary, New Year or any special occasion. Greeting card design program provides inbuilt templates, ClipArt, Background pictures and other designing objects to create beautiful greeting cards.

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Greeting Cards Designing Software

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Software Features
  • Provides facility to design multiple greeting cards using inbuilt data set series features.
  • Provides inbuilt color and background settings to create colorful greeting cards.
  • Enables user to design greeting cards in different shapes like rectangle, ellipse and rounded rectangle.
  • Provides inbuilt printing settings to print designed greeting cards.
  • Provides different card designing objects including pencil, text, line, ellipse, triangle, rectangle, picture and star objects to design greeting cards.
  • Quickly saves created greeting cards at any location on the PC for future reference.
  • Allows user to add pictures, photos, text, graphics and clipart on the card to create personalized greeting cards.
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